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Corporate governance is an essential system that ensures an organization runs smoothly, professionally, and consistently. This course will give you a strong understanding of how to set up a robust corporate governance both through internal and external governance systems. You will also learn how laws, regulations, and market forces play important roles in corporate governance, and how governance systems can ensure corporate fairness.

This Regular Class or Training will be held to discuss Corporate Governance (CG), with the following objectives

  • Participants are able to understand the basic concepts of Corporate Governance (CG)
  • Participants are able to understand how to implement Corporate Governance in the company in an effective and targeted manner
  • Participants are able to understand how to conduct Corporate Governance assessment
  • Participants are able to understand the parameters of the failure of the company's management as a result of bad corporate governance
  • Participants are able to have adequate understanding and are able to solve problems that occur in the practice of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) implementation

Target Class and Training Participants

  • Policy holders / Heads of Institutions / Regional Leaders
  • Company leaders and shareholders
  • General manager, manager, supervisor
  • All parties who need knowledge about Good Corporate Governance (GCG) include students