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“Good Governance Leads to Better Performance” according to theory of structures and mechanism that align the interest of all parties involved (agency theory) and which ensures the voice of stakeholders is heard and information is distributed fairly (Stakeholder theory).

Its structure and mechanism are needed to commit all parties to work together towards a common goal (stewardship theory). We investigated which governance variables have a scientifically proven correlation with corporate performance to help boards and directors decide on the right structures and mechanism.

The Corporate Governance assessment not only touches the Non-Financial side, but also financial and business prospects. In the case of evaluating in separate parts it will form a different grading pattern.

  • Non-Financial, focuses on how high the level of implementation of Corporate Governance is within the company. Some assessment levels are Initiative, Transformed, Managed, Trusted & Sustained
  • Financial, focuses on the financial health of the company. Some levels of assessment are Poor, Need Improvement, Stable, Good, Excellent.
  • Business prospects, emphasizing how management views the company's business in the future regarding the momentum, risks and conditions of the company. The reviews that will be given are Positive, Neutral and Negative.